The brilliant smartphone app designed to improve communication in your School/University!

Assessment Alert is an innovative and convenient way for teachers to communicate with their students and parents about daily homework requirements, assessment tasks, exams and other relevant events. It is a smart phone application which allows you to receive daily homework, assessment due dates and exam dates, plus sporting and calendar events to your smartphone.  Parents/students can synchronise them to their calendar and receive regular alerts before they are due. Additionally Assessment Alert allows schools/universities to send messages to your smartphone regarding any important information.


  • Upload, Assignment/Exam, Sporting and Calendar Dates
  • Assist Student Organisation/Improve Outcomes
  • Engage parents in your community
  • Free for Schools/Universities
  • Suitable for High Schools/University and TAFE

"Good schools make a difference but parent involvement better predicts a child's academic performance than the quality of the school he or she other words, while both school and family involvement are important, the role of the family is stronger when it comes to acadmic success...this held true even when the researchers tested race, SES, marital status and family size". (Parcel et al 2012).

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